4 Steps In Facial Cleanse Routine

Some of us work long, unregulated hours. Key workers including those in health, pharmaceutical, food supply, delivery and other essential services, the pressure is ongoing to perform. Others are anxious due to job loss, social and economic impact of the pandemic. There is isolation, loneliness and being separated from family or friends.

The list is endless of issues that are currently causing unrelenting stress. If you are finding ways to cope and you are performing regardless, you should be highly commended. For others, we may find it takes courage and strong perseverance to cope. But don't give up. Good effort always pay off in the long run.

Stress however can affect our mind and body. How has your skin been lately? Yes stress can affect our skin. Taking steps, no matter how small, to care for ourselves during lockdown can have a positive effect on our mental wellbeing. Outlined below are 4 daily facial cleanse routines that will guarantee results over time. This routine is best done daily.

Step 1: Remove Makeup

If you wear makeup, it's good to develop the habit of removing it before sleep. Eye makeup including mascara can be stubborn. Foundation, pressed powder, every makeup we wear on our skin, is designed to last long hours. Why all this effort to remove?

Pollution, oil, dirt, mixed with hard wearing makeup if not removed before sleep can clog pores and damage our skin. Regardless of our sleep pattern (whether we work nights or irregular shift hours) removing makeup is essential.

How best to do this? Firstly, wash hands. Pour an all natural, vegan makeup remover on a cotton pad. Gently wipe off face without rubbing or tugging. For the delicate eye area, some find mascara and eyeliners slide off easily if they slightly damp the cotton pad before pouring the makeup remover on the cotton pad. Use several cotton pads if necessary.

We recommend vegan Moelleux and Cool Cucumber makeup removers. They are formulated for even sensitive skin. Expertly combined with vegetable oil extracts and water, these makeup removers never sting or burn. They are tough on even the most stubborn of makeup, yet gentle to use.

Step 2: Wash Face

After removing makeup, use a natural gentle face wash. Damp face. Pour face wash on finger tips. Gently massage all over. Rinse off with lukewarm water. This gentle massage can easily get the blood pumping in the face.

Please note, that even if you don't wear makeup, using a facewash may still be essential. Our face is constantly exposed to dirt, grime and pollution. Non makeup users are more prone to whiteheads and skin damage. Why? Because some makeup is actually designed or has ingredients that protect our skin.

We recommend these all natural face washes. They are specifically formulated by skin type. Select the one suitable and enjoy the soothing, creamy effect. They will leave your skin soft and supple.

Once face wash is completed, gently use a clean flannel to pat dry skin and move to Step 3.

Step 3: Use A Toner

One of the most important steps in facial cleansing is toning. Why use a toner? Simply put: it does wonders for your skin! Almost all beauty regimes will tout the use of toners.

Toners have long been recognised as an effective part of the skin care routine. Not only does it soothes after cleansing but it primes the skin for the moisturiser. It also removes the last residual trace of makeup or grime after cleansing.

Toners are usually formulated according to skin type. So it's very important you know your skin type. Once you find a toner that's suitable, it works its charm and do the following:-

For oily/blemish prone skin - The right toner removes excess oil, residual dirt and dead skin cells. After continued use, facial blemishes and acne should be fading.

For dull/dry skin - A good toner will hydrate, nourish and help maintain elasticity. Hydrated skin looks younger and is soft to the touch.

Basically, a toner protects the skin from impurities, environmental pollution and refreshes. If you are serious about a good skin care routine, you need to get a toner "on board".

We recommend these natural toners that are according to skin type. They soothe, heal, boost hydration, improve skin texture and of course, tone. Skin will look brighter, feel smoother and look younger.

Toners are usually formulated by skin type. they can be used on other areas of the body prone to blemishes or acne: chest, arms and back.

There is a vegan natural toner called Amberine which can be used on most skin types. It's infused with Vitamin C which is an essential antioxidant that brightens skin.

After cleansing, pour toner on to a cotton pad. Gently swipe upward and out. Leave on face for at least a minute before going to Step 4.

Step 4: Moisturise

Finally, we are at the last step in our daily skin care routine. There is heightened debate in the skin industry as to whether we really need to moisturise. Some think it is unnecessary. Others think we should never do without.

You can determine for yourself what choice to make. No two skins are the same. Further, "much skin we adorn" has to do with lifestyle, environmental factors, our genes, our age and whether we are on medication. All these affect our use of: or not to moisturise.

The real onus is on the result. Again, we select moisturisers according to skin type. However, a word of caution. If we neglect the first three steps in our skin care routine and continually slap on moisturisers, we can do more damage than good. Pores can become clogged, breakouts will happen.

So what do moisturisers actually do? Once the skin is primed after toning, a moisturiser really complements the natural moisture in your skin. It should really serve as a "partnership" in delivering increased moisture level and preventing water loss. Avoid those that contain parabens and silicones. Choose nature inspired moisturisers instead.

For best results, place some moisturiser on fingertips. Gently massage in upward and outward circles. Remember to apply to the neck area.

These natural moisturisers can be selected according to skin type. The formulas are lightweight and non-greasy. They slide on easily leaving no oily residue.

That completes our skin care routine. Now you are all plumped for sleep. I hope you enjoyed this session. 😄


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