A Simple Daily Skin Care Routine

What Is Skin Care?

It’s a continuous practice or steps we take to retain the integrity of our skin, enhance its appearance or relieve certain dermatological conditions. These steps would include a balanced nutritious diet with water, satisfactory exercise, avoidance of excessive exposure to the sun and keeping the skin hydrated.

In enhancing the appearance of the skin, we use cosmetics, skin products, micro-dermabrasion, peels and laser to name a few.

Healthy Diet Is Part Of Skin Care Routine

In caring for the skin, there are a range of issues we need to consider but certain factors are dominant in selecting and using the right skin care routine that would work for us. Issues and factors include the following:-

  • Climate/Weather : This depends on where we live or the particular season of the year

  • Age: As we age, skin may lose its elasticity, become thin, fragile

  • Lifestyle: Lack of exercise, overwork, lack of sleep, stress

  • Diet: Balanced diet with fruits with high ant-oxidant capacities and water

  • Personal Habits: Nicotine use, excessive alcohol consumption, sleep position

  • Hereditary Factors: Albinism (little melanin), epidermolysis bullosa (fragile skin)

  • Skin Type; Oily, Normal/Combination, Dry, Mature, Sensitive

Skin Care Choices

In making an intelligent choice, we also have to consider the overwhelming advice from so many sources including the internet, where everyone seem to be an expert but unfortunately some advice just doesn’t work.

My Skincare recognise the importance of natural ingredients in skin care products but we are also quick to recognise that some form of synthetics are necessary in order to preserve them. There are many debates as to natural preservatives for skin products, but as your own research will find, it’s still ongoing.

We remain transparent.

Once you determine your skin type, most professionals agree there are three basic steps to a skin care routine. These include:

1. Cleansing

2. Toning

3. Moisturising

Many will put forward arguments or debates to add other steps but this is a time tested routine that has held up over time. Further, this basic procedure has made it accessible to everyone.

We also believe that a higher percentage of natural ingredients is safer. What however does this basic procedure involve?


Cleansing include using makeup remover (even if it’s only makeup on the eyes) and face wash. A good face wash not only remove dirt and grime from skin but also dead cells so that the skin retains its natural moisture.

Sweating while sleeping or in carrying out our daily activities, makes our skin retain excess oils which clog up our pores resulting in our face appearing shiny and greasy. This occurs even on skin without make up.

Using a natural face wash remove these impurities allowing our skin to breathe. Washing our face in circular motions massages the skin which in turn aids blood circulation causing the skin to glow.


Toners have long been recognised as an effective part of the facial skin care routine. Not only does it soothes after cleansing but it primes the skin for the moisturiser. It also removes the last residual trace of make-up or grime after cleansing.

Applying Toner Is Part Of Skin Care Routine

Skin also becomes refreshed, it’s appearance is boosted and it assist in restoring the natural PH balance of the skin. A good natural toner not only soothes and heals, but it also boost hydration, improve skin texture and tone, so skin looks and feels smooth.


Last of the skincare routine is to hydrate the skin and maintain moisture. A good natural moisturiser is very effective. The application is usually done with the fingertips and spread over the entire face, avoiding the lips and area around the eyes.

It’s best to gently massage into the skin upwards and outwards. Eyes require a different kind of moisturiser compared with the rest of the face. The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and sensitive, and is often the first area to show signs of ageing. Some eye creams may contain ingredients to reduce puffiness and remove dark circles.

Moisturising The Face Upwards

Others are finding serums quite useful. These are best used to target specific problems. If you are new to the use of serums, it is best to carry out a patch test before use. Serums are best applied before moisturiser.

Final Thought

Skin care is a routine that should be practised twice daily. Depending on the specific skin condition that may need correction, it’s best to do your own research and get familiar with your personal skin type.

Adding additional ingredients to your skin care routine must show some benefit over time. Real benefit however, is derived from using more natural based products and consistently following directions as to its proper use.

If we are consistent, in time the skins integrity will be maintained and enhanced naturally.

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