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Updated: Nov 22

Do you find yourself unable to find good food and drink skincare recipes, specific to your skin type, in one area?

In this E-book you will learn how to:-

- Recognise foods and drink best for your specific skin type

- Ways of eating you may think is healthy but maybe more damaging to your skin

- Easy to make recipes with everyday ingredients

- Juices that deliver 'real' results

- Excellent advice on best food and drink as our skin matures

Insightful4u after some research and responses from you, have put together this little gem of a recipe book based on your specific skin type. We know you are not just interested in what is applied on the outside of your skin, but you are also keen to help your skin from within. Yes from the gut!

Take a peek at what is inside:-


Why a food recipe book for skincare?

Water: The greatest boost for skin

Acne free to a new me

Reduce the shine with good dine

T-Zone woes will be dealt a blow

Banish dryness with recipe finesse

Feed me fit for mature skin bliss

Overall tricks that’s good skin tip

Excerpts from the 'Introduction':-

"The premise of this book is that clean skin can be attained not only by what you put on the outside, but also by what you take inside your body. This is not an assumption. It’s a conclusion. For some reason we believe most strongly in the stuff that gets into our heads without our knowing or remembering how it got there. What we think we know about our skin sounds plausible. It confirms our generally false ideas, impressed by others and their issues. But none of this means it’s true."

"Part of the struggle in knowing what is good for your skin, is learning to ignore what isn’t useful to you and pay attention to what is. If that means questioning the content of this book, that is OK. This would indicate the book is a stepping stone for you getting to know more about your own skin."

Excerpt from "Reduce the shine with good dine"

"This recipe, featuring omega-3-rich salmon, is a healthy skin superstar not just for its nutritional profile, but also for its low-grease preparation—baking instead of frying. Greasy food causes problems the second it touches our mouths. Grease from fried food that touches our faces is a recipe for clogged pores. Opting for baked recipes versus fried can reduce all that grease."

Excerpt from "Feed me fit for mature skin bliss."

"Reasonable diet and balanced nutrition are important measures to delay ageing and prolong life. As an example, carrots we know contain vitamin C, which has fantastic healing properties. But the beta-carotene in carrot juice changes into vitamin A when it enters the body and helps to fight cell degeneration. Vitamin A is essential to collagen production, which helps the skin retain its elasticity and prevents sagging and wrinkles."

All the recipes throughout the book can be used for healthier skin. We just tailor some into specific areas to give you a general direction you may consider leaning for your specific skin type.

The price of your new E-book? £1.00

Payment is only by PayPal

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