Is Cellulite A Woman Thing?

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

You may think this is a strange question but dermatologist get asked this very often. How would you respond? What are the facts?

The fact is cellulite appears in 90% of women as opposed to 10% of men. Although hormonal factors are involved, it more or less has to do with where women store fat. Additionally, the structure of our skin play a vital role.

In women the collagen of fibres that run from the skin through the fat to the deeper muscles are arranged in a parallel pattern. This allows the fat to push upwards forming those dimples called cellulite.

In men, these collagen fibres are criss-cross managing to keep the fat locked in. Hmmmm….interesting you say! It took me awhile to get my head around this as to why my husband seem so toned and I was “wobbling” in certain areas. Grrrrhhh😫

However, there are other contributing factors that cause cellulite.

Factors That Cause Cellulite

  • Hormonal changes reduces collagen production allowing fat cells to enlarge

  • Advancing age resulting in the skin becoming saggy as it loses its elasticity

  • Hereditary genes

  • Dietary constraints

  • Lifestyle

Regardless of the above, cellulite seem to affect all ages, all sizes and all nationalities. This skin condition is not partial. Almost 80% of women has had cellulite at some point in their life.

Can We Get Rid Of Cellulite?

That’s another interesting question. Why? Because we are bombarded with drugs, creams, laser treatments, support tights and a host of other options advising us they can treat this issue.

If you are confused about these choices, please be assured you are not alone. But what are the facts?

Many medical reports and health research agree on one thing. Most of these treatments either do not work or only provide a temporary fix. So, please do your research before agreeing to anything. If you need more detail on this, click here.

Additionally, these choices can be pretty expensive. So many have been disappointed after spending so much of their hard earned income and seen very little change or only accomplish temporary change.

One thing all experts agree on, balanced consistent exercise along with reduced fatty eating habits do help. There are many good suggestions online but here is my favourite. It cost nothing, just good practical advice.

If you have underlying health issues, it is always advisable to consult a medical professional before undertaking any dietary or exercise routine that could complicate your issues further.

Final Thought On Cellulite

Should we be overly concerned about cellulite? Not really, many of us have maintained and loved each other regardless of physical outward appearance.

Additionally, most women in loving supportive relationships, say their partners are not in the least bit bothered.

Really, while it’s important to look after our skin or any related skin issues externally, it’s also important to look after ourselves internally.

Further, who you are as a person is what really counts. If you are concerned about minor skin care issues, we endorse natural skin care products. No products for cellulite, however!

We encourage you to stick to a plan of exercise and healthy eating habits that fit into your lifestyle and be naturally you.

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