Skin Care Is Here To Stay

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Covid19 has impacted many changes, some for the better, others for worse. However, there are some things that remain constant……..the need for skin care.

You may quickly respond “But I am not one for beauty regimes and brand attachment”. True. Yet if you do have a sudden flare up or skin issue, wouldn’t you be keen to fix it?

Then, seriously, how do you select from the pandemic of products flooding the market? Additionally, how do you sift through the plethora of advice from so called skin care “gurus”? Their direction is usually based on individuals keen to promote their brands.

If you find yourself thinking about this, rest assured you are not alone!

We will offer some guidance as how best to make selections that will favourably impact your choices for skin care.

Know Your Skin Type

It is important to understand the type of skin we have. This is necessary so that we do not use products on our skin that may have an adverse reaction.

Most of us agree that the skin on our face is different from the rest of our body. Also, our skin reacts in another way when there are changes to weather conditions or prolonged exposure to cold or heat.

Further, our skin may become irritated from ingredients in a particular product. Even natural ingredients, though gentle, can aggravate our skin and cause as much harm as chemicals would.

Lastly, we may be using a product that works for us all the time, then because of medication, stress, hormonal changes or other internal/external factors, that product is no longer effective.

Take time to understand your skin. There are tests you can do at home. Some ideas for this are shared here. Further test may be necessary if your skin is very sensitive or there are other underlying health issues. Under those circumstances, it’s best to seek professional consultation and advice.

Research Ingredients

As we become more informed and expect more transparency from manufacturers, it would appear quite easy to know the ingredients of skin care products.

Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case. There are some products that still deceptively hide or exaggerate their contents. Some are even still using harmful chemicals under a different name. There is a rule of thumb. “When in doubt: leave it out” Its just not worth the risk.

This forum will always emphasise the use of natural ingredients which are more gentle on the skin. Even then, research the product and try to understand what works best with you.

Don’t be fooled by what is most popular. Some products are quite effective without all the “hype” as they may not have an aggressive marketing technique to promote their brand.

I’m sure you have heard many reports of skin care products that work as well or even better than some popular brands, yet the consumer found it by “accident” or it was referred by a friend.

Have A Good Skin Care Routine

We cannot emphasise enough the need for a good skincare routine. Our work patterns are quite different these days. Some sleep during the day and work nights. Others, it’s vice-versa.

Regardless, we should remove make-up, cleanse and moisturise before sleep. For a simple skin care routine check one here. Sticking to a routine, no matter how simple, reduces wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes and blemishes.

If we have problematic skin and are using products to fix the issues, don’t expect changes overnight. Be consistent in following instructions for use of the product and keep at it! Beautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight.

Part of our skin care routine also involves gentle massages and facial exercises. Of course the best exercise for the face is laughter. In case, you don’t get a chance to laugh much, you can try these facial exercises.

Massaging the skin is good for stimulating blood circulation and boosting the oil glands. However, we have to be cautious here as it depends on our skin type and health conditions. Further, some intense heat massage may in fact damage some skin types.

Final Thoughts

Our skin works really hard to protect us. Regardless of what is going on internally or externally it is important to take care of our skin.

Healthy looking skin, speaks volumes as if saying “I take care of myself”. Give your skin some consideration today.

Say thank you to your skin. Consider saying so, naturally.

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