Removing Dead Skin Cells From Face – The Best Way

You maybe wondering: is there a good way or bad way to do this? Well, the overall take-away is the danger of not doing this at all. Why? By not cleansing the skin on your face properly, you can make it a breeding ground for parasites!

Take for instance the tiny mites called Demodex. They feed on oily substances found in the pores of your skin. These little guys like to hang out mostly on your forehead, nose and chin. Often referred to as the T-zone area. Relax, these mites do not pose any life-threatening danger to skin. However, if allowed to multiply, it will result in red rashes and clusters of pimple-like bumps.

Then, there is the problem of allowing excessive dirt to build up on your skin. This will result in blockages, which in turn traps oil, sweat and dead skin cells. Your skin will flare up, even result in acne.

Is Exfoliation The Right Way To Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells?

Some recommend exfoliation by use of scrubs or cleansers with tiny granules to get rid of dead skin cells. However, research shows that consistently cleansing the face, reduces the need for exfoliation. For example by removing your make-up daily. Why not try a natural make-up remover? Also, do you use a face wash? Best to use one based on your skin type, at least twice per day.

So how does our natural face washes work? They not only remove dirt and grime but also remove dead skin cells.

When you sweat during essential sleep or in carrying out your daily activities, your skin can easily retain excess oils. Your pores then get clogged up. Your face appears shiny and feel greasy. This occurs even if you don’t wear make up.

But, when you use a face wash, it remove these impurities and allows your skin to breathe. If you do so, especially first thing in the morning, this massages your skin. The effect is that it in turn aids blood circulation, causing the skin to glow.

Now, you maybe saying, but this doesn’t sound any different than what other ordinary face cleansers on the market claim to do? Well, have you checked the ingredients of our face washes? In this blog post, we will examine the face wash we have for Combination Skin: Our Two4One Face Wash And Cleanser.

This little gem has loads of natural goodies. However, we will focus on the main three. Apricot extract, avocado oil and oat silk. Apricot is known to be rich in nutrients like Vitamin A ,E and omega-6 fatty acids. These help to balance the moisture in your skin and enhance it's collagen production.

Avocado oil, needs little introduction. This green gold is known to contain Vitamin E, potassium and lecithin to name a few. Not only will you find these soothing to your skin but the epidermis easily absorbs them. This helps to form new skin. Yes, it assist in replacing your dead skin cells.

Finally there is oat silk. This is where our Two4One face wash gets its highly effective textural base. This results in you getting a luxuriant silky feel when used. Don’t forget the added benefits of brightening your skin and leaving it smooth to the touch.

Once you start using this face wash for combination skin, we are very confident you will not want to try anything else. Notice a few comments from our raving fans;-

"Cleanse & Smooth

Very particular about putting stuff on my skin. But this face wash cleanse and leave face smooth and soft.

Audrey Gibson | Millbeck, Keswick |"

Beautiful Smell

Love the smell of this. Nice thick consistency. Cleans really well

Mary Roether | Whitefield Manchester

When washing your face, this is what we recommend for you:

  • Damp face and neck area

  • Pour face wash on fingertip

  • Gently massage in circular motions upward

  • Remember the neck area,

  • Use lukewarm water to wash off

  • Pat dry, avoid tugging at skin

  • Do this twice daily

We Offer A 100% Guarantee On Your Purchase

You may still be saying: “This may not work for me”. I agree. But you wouldn’t know unless you try. That’s why we offer a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you get a 100% “NO QUIBBLES REFUND”, excluding delivery charges. In case you need more details of what exactly this product contains, click here.

But for radiant skin, you know a face wash and cleanser is not enough. You need more. The simple 3 step system for cleansing has been used for ages and still produce excellent results. The steps are: Cleanse – Tone – Moisturise

We have a good offer. When you purchase face wash, toner and moisturiser, like for example:-

When you purchase all 3 products, the guarantee remains the same. Yes, 100% refund, less delivery fee. It doesn't matter your skin type

Additionally, we do a lot of great things for our customers. We are a small business, so your support and service, will be personal, tailored to you. For instance:-

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Yes, removing dead skin cells from your face is not really complicated. It is simply following the long used three step method of:

Cleanse - Tone - Moisturise consistently.

When you do this at least twice daily, it will eliminate the need for exfoliators.

Isn't it time to try a new natural product today? You won't be disappointed!


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