Stressed Skin. Does Natural Skincare Products Help?

Updated: May 8

The use of natural skin care products are becoming more popular. Do these natural products however help skin that breakout due to stress? Before we address this question, let’s remind ourselves of a case in 2013 that made headline news:-

Miwa Sado was a journalist for Japan’s national public broadcasting organisation, NHK, when she died in her home in July 2013. The news outlet said in a statement: “Labour authorities later determined Sado’s death was due to overwork. She had punched in about 159 hours of overtime in the month before her death NHK said. High levels of stress can make the heart work harder than it normally does, which, under very rare circumstances; experts say could potentially lead to death.” Why use an extreme case to discuss stress? How does this relate to skin issues?

According to the TUC (Trade Union Congress), its analysis found that; “full time employees in Britain are working longer hours than their European counterparts. This long hours culture is robbing workers of a decent home life and time with their loved ones. Overwork, stress and exhaustion has become the new normal.”

There you have it! Stress!! Most people report being under increasing levels of stress. The result is that many have trouble adjusting. Other changes in society have caused feelings of instability. Example, some political issues has contributed to uncertainty in regards to the future. Covid19 has impacted society in so many ways, contributing to added stress. Apart from longer working hours, other factors contribute to stress:- Divorce, death of a loved one, severe sickness and a hectic lifestyle, to name a few. Sado’s death is a stark reminder that stress, if not controlled, can be fatal.

What is Stress?

Well if we check a dictionary it will say: “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”. Our body responds to such circumstances by releasing the hormone Cortisol. Once released it results in increased heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, respiration and muscle tension. It also temporarily shuts down the body’s systems that aren’t needed in the face of such crises such as digestion.

We know there is good and bad stress. Good stress can enable one to react quickly, achieve goals or perform tasks better while under pressure. However, bad stress means you are constantly tense or on high alert. This can effect us emotionally, mentally and physically. Part of that physical effect happens to be our skin.

Dermatologist Dr. Janice Lima-Maribona says this about Cortisol, the primary stress hormone: “Normally cortisol levels oscillate by our internal circadian clock; with peak levels in the morning and low points happening around midnight. When we are stressed our cortisol levels are disrupted; which can cause acne and exacerbate conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and atopic dermatitis.”

Sifting through all this medical "waffle" it's telling us stress affects our hormone balance which in turn affects our skin. Yes, yours and mine. And who is not stressed these days? We all are at some point!

Natural Products Take Care Of Skin When Stressed

While there isn’t one single method for treating skin under stress, the first step is being aware of the body being under stress. We need to find ways to distress or alleviate it. Additionally, a good skin care routine along with proper diet, exercise, adequate rest and keeping hydrated will help.

Stick to a simple skin care routine. See our Blog "Daily Skin Care Routine". We recommend infused natural skin care products that are kind to the skin. Use gentle natural cleansers and natural moisturisers to not only remove excess oil and grime; but also to nourish the skin.

You will know if a skin care routine works for you. After awhile it will be evident as your skin will glow. Blemishes will be reduced. Skin will be firm and smooth, yet soft to the touch.

A Simple Skin Care Routine

Let’s start with removing make-up naturally. Pollution and dirt mixed with oil from make-up requires deep down cleansing to unblock pores. Our natural infused Makeup Removers are not only vegan friendly but powerful and gentle. Make-up will be removed easily, leaving skin hydrated and smooth.

Stressed skin is usually blemish prone. After removing makeup, how should we treat blemish prone skin? We recommend regular use of our Rideem Face Wash. This face wash is designed to control the oil in skin. It acts both as a cleanser and face wash. The key ingredients are strawberry and watermelon extracts. The acidic nature of strawberries enables it to remove excess oil and reduce dark spots. The rinds of the watermelon calms skin inflammation and its seeds boost collagen production.

Next step we prime the skin for a moisturiser by use of a toner. A good natural toner should remove all residual dirt and grime after cleansing and give the skin a toned but soothing effect. We distribute a gentle toner called Amberine. This toner is suitable for all skin types and is infused with Vitamin C which is an essential antioxidant that brightens skin.

Finally, to complete the skin care routine is a good natural moisturiser. For blemish prone skin, we recommend our Rideem Moisturiser. It contains the dependable ingredient of sea buckthorn oil. Contrary to its name, this oil is not from the sea but is derived from the sea buckthorn shrub. Being rich in vitamins and minerals with an exceptional concentration of vitamin C, makes it ideal for skin care.

That completes one skin care routine, for one specific issue. However, other skin disorders and how natural products can help are addressed here.


In order to deal with stress effectively, there are certain factors to consider. Our health, lifestyle patterns and those we surround ourselves with. How we view things is also important as negative outlooks can cloud our vision. In our thinking, we also need to be more positive. What is happening on our inside, will be reflected on our skin.

Stress triggers exist. Try to identify the circumstances that lead to you becoming stressed. Write them down. Note also your reaction to the triggers. Could you have dealt with them differently?

Do we for example set reasonable standards for ourselves and others? Is our lifestyle balanced? Are we spending enough time with the people that matters? Maybe it’s time to take an honest and realistic check on ourselves. If we are becoming overwhelmed with stress, there is no harm in getting professional help.


We cannot emphasise enough the importance of taking care of our health. Good health contributes to good skin. Why not consider: Exercising in moderation. Maintaining a healthy diet. Drinking loads of water to keep hydrated. Getting adequate sleep. Avoid longer working hours. Remember, excessive work patterns may bring extra money in; but does it make sense if you have no time or energy to enjoy it?

When we take care of ourselves, it will reflect on our skin. Use natural skin care products that are gentle and kind. Every skin has a story. Let your story be a successful one. (Skin Stories)

Lastly, schedule a social free moment! Yes, you heard right. Have a “me time” without checking emails, text or social media sites. Re-live what it means to relax and enjoy it!!

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