Skincare Food & Drink Recipes

Skincare Food & Drink Recipes



The premise of this book is that clean skin can be attained not only by what you put on the outside, but also by what you take inside your body. This is not an assumption. It’s a conclusion. For some reason we believe most strongly in the stuff that gets into our heads without our knowing or remembering how it got there. What we think we know about our skin sounds plausible. It confirms our generally false ideas, impressed by others and their issues. But none of this means it’s true.


This is a book with a few good skin care food recipes. It includes foods to avoid and suggestions as to what is best. Perhaps it will stimulate you to look more at how you can help your skin from within.


What's inside:-

Why a food recipe book for skincare?

Water: The greatest boost for skin

Acne free to a new me

Reduce the shine with good dine

T-Zone woes will be dealt a blow

Banish dryness with recipe finesse

Feed me fit for mature skin bliss

Overall tricks that’s good skin tips